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Our main product, 100% freshly frozen spelt grass juice, tastes great and contains the highest quality of nutrients for health-conscious consumers.


The advantages of our frozen juice:

• Darker Green - contains more chlorophyll than common wheatgrass;

• Smoother taste;

• Fresher taste;

• Grow with organic spelt seeds in husk;

• Competitive Price;



100% freshly frozen spelt grass juice, straight from the producer. Grown outdoors in the sun, with organic seeds, soil and nature intended. Cut , juiced and freshly frozen - nothing added.

Please place in the freezer when received. Each shot pot can be defrosted in around 5 minutes in a bowl of warm water.

Directions of use.. Delivery Info..


Product Optons:

• 2 week supply (14 x 30ml frozen shots);

• 1 month supply (30 x 30ml frozen shots);

• 2 months supply (60 x 30ml frozen shots);

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Take a look at our testimonials:


Resident Naturpath, Lifehouse Spa & Hotel: sarah

“Agi’s freshly juiced wheatgrass is conveniently delivered frozen in shot size little containers making it very easy to get your daily dose of green goodness. The wheatgrass is grown outside in a clean, natural environment which helps maximise the nutrient levels. Unlike some wheatgrass juices Agi’s wheatgrass is very palatable without any strange aftertaste. I have even managed to get my husband to have it every morning which helps act as an insurance policy against any poor food choices he might make later in the day.”

Sue Davis











Local customer sarah

“Having a daily wheatgrass shot is part of my morning regime, my day is not complete without it! There is no excuse even in my busy working day, I take out a 30 ml pot from my freezer first thing in the morning and put it in a home made bain-marie its ready consume in no time. I am lucky it is grown locally although delivery is never an issue wherever you are in the UK. What a great feeling to know that a small 30 ml shot of wheatgrass is equivalent to a kilo of greens and also contains 12 vitamins and antioxidants – it’s a no brainer really.”











On-line customer: sarah

“Great service even messaged me back after working hours for info. Well packaged as well and speedy delivery.”











Local customer:, sarah

“Fab service and great quality wheatgrass.”



















Local customer:, sarah

“Much thanks and well done on such a great product.”


HOMEGROWN-WHEATGRASS UK | Organic Wheatgrass Juice

Our product is chosen by health-conscious consumers serious about maintaining good health and increasing their nutrition intake from natural sources.

With our spelt grass juice you can:

• Increase strength, energy levels and improve sleep

• Improve your immune system

• Naturally regulate blood pressure and blood sugar

• Support weight loss

• Improve digestion and relieve constipation

• Support healthy skin, teeth, eyes, muscles and joints

• Improve the function of your heart, lungs and reproductive organs

• Heal ulcers and skin sores

• Slow cellular aging

• Improve mental function

• Help to cure anaemia

• Support the treatment of diabetes, cancer, eczema and common cold

• Detoxify your body


Our Production Methods

Try our great tasting wheatgrass! We only grow spelt, the ancient variety of wheat. Spelt has an excellent flavour and such valuable content that makes it really special. Our process methods keep the high quality of this plant and result in a fresh tasting juice full of nutrients.

• Our juice is 100% spelt grass – nothing added. No added sugar, sweetener, preservatives, colourings...

• Spelt seeds are covered with husk, protecting the kernel from pollutants and the loss of nutrients

• We import our seeds from Hungary – no GMO, grown with 100% organic methods - they’re worth the effort

• We grow outdoors in soil for more nutrients and to avoid moulding of the grass.

• We freeze our fresh spelt grass juice as this method retains the most nutrients. Read more...


About Us

Homegrown-Wheatgrass UK has been established by Richard James Clapham P.hD and Agnes Borbely.

Our passion for wheatgrass goes years back. Agi’s mum started growing it in Hungary and feeding it to Agi’s dad first when he became a cancer patient and had two sessions of unsuccessful radio therapy treatments in 2006. Refusing to have the chemo therapy and with doctors already given up on him, he decided to keep a healthy diet and drink wheatgrass. He managed to recover and keep healthy since. He’s believed in the extreme healing power of this product since so much, that he started growing it on a bigger scale ( using the extremely popular spelt seeds and became the biggest natural wheatgrass producer in Hungary.

The whole family has also been drinking it since on a daily basis. When we moved back to England, we decided to grow our own with the knowledge that we gathered from the parents.


Suppliers For...

Our Organic Spelt Grass Juice can be found in many spas, juice bars and farm shops across the UK.

Most juice bars sell wheatgrass for its well known benefits, but the common belief is nowadays that wheatgrass tastes awful, so they mix it in with other vegetables and fruits. We know that wheatgrass can taste great, just takes extra special care. We achieve the great taste with absolutely natural processes combined with strict time scheduling. These not only keep the original fantastic taste of wheat/spelt grass juice but retain the most nutrients and enzymes that this extraordinary plant can offer and result in a fresh tasting juice full of goodness. Try our great tasting wheatgrass! We only grow spelt, the ancient variety of wheat. Spelt has an excellent flavour and such valuable content that makes it really special. We are artisan farmers, producers of naturally grown wheatgrass. Our spelt grass juice can be found in many spas, juice bars and farm shops across the UK.

If you wish to sell our wheatgrass in your juice bar, gym, farm shop etc. please let us know by e-mailing us on and we will offer you our wholesale prices. If you are local to Holland-on-Sea we offer the delivery of our shots to you free of charge.

beauticians and spas

Beauticians & Spas - Offer your guests an energizing shot of wheatgrass before your treatments. It complements any detox or beauty session well.

Juice bars and restaurants

Juice Bars & Restaurants - Are you interested to add wheatgrass to your juice menu? Our shots are easy to defrost and the taste and effect is addictive, it will make your customers keep coming back :) Gyms and fitness clubs

Gyms & Fitness Clubs - There’s an escalating demand for wheatgrass amongst people who work out regularly as it is very beneficial whilst training. A shot of wheatgrass will give your clients an instant energy boost, support and feed the body naturally. Nutritionists & Health Practitioners

Nutritionists & Health Practitioners - As a health expert you might have already tried wheatgrass yourself. Don’t be put off by a previous bad experience (if any), now you can offer a tasty solution to add wheatgrass to your clients’ diet. Whether you want to bulk order and sell from your office or submit an order on behalf of your clients and get it delivered straight to their door we can cooperate

The Health Benefits Of Frozen Wheatgrass:

About Wheatgrass (Spelt grass) in general

Wheat is the number one food source for mankind, and provides food, bread and cake for the greater part of humanity.

There are a lot of types to choose from according to the geographical location and prevailing weather conditions. This is one reason for its popularity. Furthermore its precious content, rich vegetable protein and vitamin level makes it very valuable to us. This is our basic bread grain, which is already very valuable, but it does not end here. Two early pioneers in the use of wheatgrass juice and living foods, Ann Wigmore natural healer and Viktoras Kulvinskas nutritionist (Rising Sun Christian healing movement – Boston, USA) were healing patients already decades ago – even cancer patients! Why juice?

The wheatgrass is a plant with cellulose fiber that human cannot digest as oppose to ruminant animals. This on its own would not be a big problem as we eat a lot of other vegetables that contain this element (e.g. broccoli, sprout, cabbage). However we would have to consume a lot of wheatgrass blades to ingest the sufficient amount of active substances. This is a good reason for consuming the wheatgrass juice rather than eating the grass itself.

Nutritional info : Vitamins A, B, C, E and K, Calcium, Chlorophyll, Iron, Lecithin, Magnesium, Pantothenic Acid, Phosphorus, Potassium, Trace Elements, Amino Acids, Protein: up to 30%

Wheatgrass juice is very rich in vitamins, proteins, chlorophyll and minerals that are important for cardiovascular and immune system function.

This cold pressed wheatgrass juice presents these nutrients as they have been made by NATURE – this cannot be reproduced artificially. If we carry vitamins into our bodies in their natural form they will be utilized much differently and will operate differently. To ensure the absorption of more minerals and vitamins intake of fresh food is recommended, with Low-level processing and as natural as possible. Unfortunately, today’s fruits and vegetables are nutrient-poor, and we can’t eat enough of most of them. Unfortunately in many cases, if we eat more we take in even more toxic compounds into our bodies – just think of the various conservation procedures or of the aging of unripe fruits with artificial chemicals and special gases, while they are on the road to store shelves, where they will be sold as fresh … It is therefore increasingly important to find other ways to get the valuable and necessary nutrients.

The wheatgrass juice provides an excellent opportunity to do so.

Ann Wigmore - The Wheatgrass Book

The Wheatgrass Book (How to Grow and Use Wheatgrass to Maximize Your Health and Vitality) Publisher: Avery Publishing Group Inc.,U.S. (17 Sept. 1987)

Ann Wigmore’s Wheatgrass Book is a must read for everyone who’s interested in adding wheatgrass to their diets. It’s easy to understand, gives sufficient information on the health benefits and clear instructions on how to grow your own indoors.


Wheatgrass has a wide range of positive effects on the overall operation of the body through its active ingredients. But wheatgrass is not medicine, it’s a natural source of vitamins, minerals and proteins that are essential to the human body. It is good for everyone and there are no harmful side effects to it. Wheatgrass juice doesn’t contain seeds, therefore even people with gluten allergy can consume it with confidence. The most important benefits are:

Excellent detoxifier

Helps the formation of blood cells

Strengthens the immune system, therefore helps to prevent and fight disease

Regenerates cell function

Rejuvenates, invigorates the body

Improves the skin, hair and nails

Vitamins: A (carotene), B1 (thiamine), B2(riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B6 pyridoxin), B7 (biotin) B12(cobalamin), B17 (laetrile), C (ascorbic acid), D, E, K (phytonadione) Minerals: Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Selenium, Zinc Source:


The enzymes and amino acids in the wheatgrass juice are proven to neutralize the toxic impact of chemical additives in our food (preservatives, colourings, synthetic additives, sweeteners etc.) and the chlorine and sodium-fluoride in the tap water. They also known to counteract the harmful gases that we breathe in through the air (e.g. carbon monoxide and exhaust fumes).The increase of red blood cells due to the chlorophyll in wheatgrass results in better circulation and the quicker detoxification of the body.


Wheatgrass is extremely rich in vitamins, proteins, chlorophyll, antioxidants and minerals (as listed above) that are important for cardiovascular and immune system function. A high antioxidant and vitamin rich diet helps to maintain good health. Superoxide dismutase (SOD), an enzyme in wheatgrass slows down aging and protects from radiation. Taking wheatgrass daily will energize, strengthen the immune system and the muscles of the heart and improve the function of the lungs and reproductive organs.


The enzymes in wheatgrass stimulate and regulate metabolism. They support weight loss by catalysing the hydrolysis of fat and starch and also the treatment of diabetes by regulating blood sugar and blood pressure. The alkaline minerals help to restore alkalinity in the body.


Wheatgrass plays an important role in improving skin health as a natural detoxifier. It slows down the aging process in the cells and helps to rejuvenate. Application to the skin can help healing wounds and burns and reduce inflammation and itchiness.


A strong immune system prevents and fights illnesses easier. For the best results when curing serious illnesses a healthy diet and lifestyle has to be implemented. Stress must be avoided and resting is a must combined with some regular exercise if possible. Have to cleans and rejuvenate the body and wheatgrass can be a great help to do so. The high vitamin content of this juice speeds up recovery from common cold and flu and a natural resistance can built up with strengthening the immune system by consuming wheatgrass on a daily basis.

Chlorophyll, an active component in wheatgrass inhibits the metabolic activity of carcinogens. It also helps to increase the number of red blood cells therefore is supportive in the treatment of anaemia. Selenium and laetrile (Vitamin B17) present in wheatgrass have anti-cancer properties. Wheatgrass contains at least 13 vitamins (several of which are antioxidants) including B12, abscisic acid, which is proven to destroy all cancerous cells. A glycoprotein also present in wheatgrass stimulates the renewal of RNA and DNA. It is also thought to protect the body from the attack of cancer cells by making the walls of cancer cells more open to attack by white blood cells.


Chlorophyll and haemoglobin

The haemoglobin is the component of the red blood cell, with an extremely important task: carry the oxygen to all cells of the body. Scientists realized, that haemoglobin and chlorophyll are very similar on the molecular level, the only difference is in-between the central core. As the picture shows below, where we have iron (Fe) in the human cell, there’s magnesium in the “plant’s blood”.

blood cells Further research showed that the intake of natural chlorophyll helped to increase the number of haemoglobins therefore anaemia was treated with success. The increase of red blood cells always results in better circulation and the quicker detoxification of the body.

Variety of enzymes

The most important enzymes and their effects identified by researches to date: lipase – catalyses the hydrolysis of fat protease – helps the digestion of protein amylase - catalyses the hydrolysis of starch into sugars peroxidase – helps to neutralize the acids in the body catalase – helps to prevent acidity of cells cytochrome oxidase – antioxidant, helps cell breathing transhydrogenase – strengthens the muscles of the heart superoxide dismutase (SOD) – slows down aging, protects from radiation The most important minerals in wheatgrass: Potassium (K) – “the mineral of youth”, strengthens the muscles, rejuvenates the skin, controls bodyweight Calcium (Ca) – the builder of strong bones and teeth, regulates the heartbeat Magnesium (Mg) – plays a part in more than 300 reactions in the body including secretion and the protection of the bowels. It is also key to nerve function, muscle contraction, heartbeat, and healthy bones. Sodium (Na) – helps digestion, regulates water balance, improves brain function Iron (Fe) – essential for the proper growth and development of the human body. As the component of the red blood cells, lack of it causes anaemia. Selenium (Se) – antioxidant with anti cancer properties Zinc (Zn) – component of insulin, indispensable for the normal function of reproductive organs

Vitamins & their main roles:

A - key for good vision, a healthy immune system, and cell growth. As wheatgrass contains carotene, the pro-vitamin of Vitamin A, cannot cause an overdose in contrast to the Vitamin A in fish, liver and most dietary supplements.

B complex (1,2,3,5,6,7,9,12) - The B vitamins are a chemically related family of nutrients that work as a team for your mind and body: they are needed for normal brain and memory function, can quell anxiety or lift depression and increase energy levels. B12 is proven to destroy all cancerous cells. B7 (also known as vitamin H) contributes towards healthy nails, skin and hair.

B17 - Studies claim that B-17 helps to increase the body's ability to fight cancer. B-17 creates hydrogen cyanide. This compound then attacks and subsequently destroys cancer cells.

C – supports immune system function and wound healing, helps to protect cells

D - improves muscle function and supports the bones, protects the heart and contributes to the prevention of autoimmune diseases

K - adjunct to vitamin D, plays an important role in blood clotting


Ann Wigmore natural healer and Viktoras Kulvinskas nutritionist, early pioneers in the use of wheatgrass juice and living foods were healing patients already decades ago – even cancer patients!

To read more information on fighting illnesses with the help of wheatgrass visit the following pages:


Functional Foods in Health and Disease 2011, 1(11):444-456 Page 444 of 456, Living life the natural way – Wheatgrass and Health by Satyavati Rana, Jaspreet Kaur Kamboj and Vandana Gandhi

Therapeutic Potential of Organic Triticum aestivum Linn. (Wheat Grass) in Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Diseases: An Overview by N. Singh*, P. Verma and B. R. Pandey A study on wheat grass and its Nutritional value by Rajesh Mujoriya

Why Frozen Wheatgrass?:

After a short time of picking all plants start to decompose and they will start to lose nutrients. For the maximum anti-oxidant effect the best time for consuming fruits and vegetables is the day of picking. Food stays fresh for longer when they kept chilled as the speed of decomposing can be slowed down by cooling. If we put the fruit or the cut wheatgrass in the fridge (5 - 7 Celsius), the low temperature will allow for a longer shelf life on higher nutrient content. Professionals say that wheatgrass can be kept in the fridge up to 7 days, but do not have illusions, after a few days in the fridge the wheatgrass will be only a rotten plant.

Checking this is easy, you only have to know the taste of freshly pressed wheatgrass juice....

Freezing is a perfect chemical-free conserving method well known for centuries. Since humanity knows the cold’s conserving effect, uses it successfully. It’s being used for conserving vast amounts of vegetables, fruits and other food products which are sold in the shops all the time. We don’t need, a lot of "E letters" - amongst them with those conserving agents that we can thank a lot of illnesses, the over acidity of our bodies and with good chance cancer as well.

Freezing can even conserve life. Since no other method is able to do so, there’s no other interesting and undeniable proof for the good usage of this process. Only freezing makes it possible for the seeds to continue their life after defrosting as nothing had happened. Only freezing conserves sperms or eggs, so that they can be used after decades. Although these methods are not that simple that we just freeze it and that’s it, but the main point is the freezing. For the resurrection of higher life forms well experimented strict protocols, special materials and technologies are essential, but without freezing the whole process would fail.

Freezing the wheatgrass juice might seem to be a hassle at first as we need to adhere to strict rules to keep it frozen on storage and transport, but in this case, where we expect so much from this plant, we shouldn’t allow the smallest compromise in the matter of quality. We believe that freezing the wheatgrass straight after juicing keeps the highest quality of this plant, so we chose this method even if this was the hardest way to go. Read BBC articles on fresh vs. frozen vegetables:

How To Defrost:

• Store frozen until consumed

• The recommended daily amount is minimum 1 shot per (30ml) person.

• If you are consuming our wheatgrass to support the treatment of a disease, take 1 shot on your first 2 days and increase your daily amount to at least 2 shots at a time from the third day onwards. If you wish to drink even more, carry on increasing your dose gradually.

• Defrost it just before consumption.

• You can speed up the process with putting the plastic pot with the lid still on in a ball of warm water. Shake it frequently and do not let it warm up, drink whilst still cold.

• Do not use a microwave.

• Drink it first thing in the morning straight out of the shot pot. Allow at least 20 minutes (up to an hour) for absorption before eating.

• Alternatively you can mix it with other juices. Pop it in your fruit juice instead of an ice cube or blend it in your smoothie.

• Enjoy the great taste and the excellent benefits.

It is very important to highlight, that wheatgrass is not medicine. It is good for everyone and there are no harmful side effects to it. It has a wide range of positive effects on the overall operation of the body through its active ingredients. For the best results when curing serious illnesses a healthy diet and considerate lifestyle has to be implemented. Stress must be avoided and resting is a must. Have to cleans and rejuvenate the body and wheatgrass can be a great help to do so.

When you start taking your wheatgrass juice you will start feeling its great effects very quickly. It has an almost immediate impact on your digestive system and speeds up your metabolism instantly. Have a 30ml shot at first and increase your dose gradually.

Frozen Wheatgrass Juice - Voucher Code for Discount Wheatgrass(Fresh Spelt Juice)

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WHEATGRASS JUICE | REDEEM CODE HERE: Wheatgrass doesn't have to taste bad. Try our great tasting whetagrass prepared with care! Voucher Code for Discount 2015 (FIND INSIDE THE VIDEO!) :)

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Wheatgrass Juice Discount Code! 2015 by Agi | Jul 1, 2015:

Wheatgrass doesn’t have to taste bad. Try our great tasting whetagrass prepared with care!

Wheatgrass Juice Discount – Voucher Code for Discount 2015 (FIND INSIDE THE VIDEO!) :)

– The No.1 Health Supplement

Use this wheatgrass juice discount code when ordering on our website – valid for 1 month’s supply of freshly frozen wheatgrass juice – 30 x 30ml (1oz) (one voucher per household) Freshly frozen, 100% Organic spelt seeds – Tastes Great!

Grown outdoors in the sun and soil, cut, juiced and freshly frozen – nothing added Our product is chosen by health-conscious consumers serious about maintaining good health and increasing their nutrition intake from natural sources.

We only grow spelt, the ancient variety of wheat. Spelt has an excellent flavour and the seeds are covered with a husk, protecting them from pollutants and the loss of nutrients. We import our seeds from Hungary-no GMO and grown with 100% organic methods. Our process methods keep the high quality of this plant and result in a fresh tasting juice full of nutrients. We grow outdoors in soil and freeze our fresh juice straight after juicing. We dispatch all items on a 24 hour delivery service after confirming dates with you. Wheatgrass Juice Discount


Superfoods: the Real Story by Agi | Jul 21, 2015:

– or why do I find this Channel 4 program deceptive?

That’s it, I am angry now! I had enough of television and so called good entertaining. It’s not enough that nowadays you cannot watch anything without being reminded by the adverts that you are in DANGER, cancer is coming for you!!! (Program that brain, because if you have not bad enough effects in your life to develop it, we still have to make you ill somehow) Now they are actually asking this question: “Can the food we eat really prevent heart attacks, slow down the aging process and fight flab?” What the…?! Mate, is this a serious question? So many people turned around their lives and cured very serious illnesses and deficiencies by changing their diet, cut the crap and eating healthy. (Ella Woodard, Venus Williams, just to mention a couple …) Why am I so outraged? I watched Channel 4’s Superfoods program last night… I was a bit nervous about it as soon as I heard they are going to talk about wheatgrass as I am very aware of the anti-campaign that goes against it just as against everything that is natural and not in the hands of the medicine lobby. (paranoid? I don’t think so!) But my friend said ‘Last time they showed a man who said he cured his cancer by eating broccoli soup every day…’ Hmmm, if they dare to show stories on TV nowadays like his, they might actually make a good program with some useful information about wheatgrass, which I am very fond of…so I switched on…I wish I hadn’t, I wouldn’t feel I am being labelled silly or even worse for supporting this juice. I understand that scientific evidence is very hard to find (although there is some available online) and unfortunately nobody spends millions of pounds on this project to prove how it works….But it does on so many levels (proving this would cut way into the profit of the pharmaceutical industry and they will have non of it). And nobody tells me that one single person going around and spending a week in some spa hotel, drinking wheatgrass for a week only ( a very lime coloured one by the way, grown in trays) and getting her finger pricked only twice (!!) on a television show is scientific proof for anything either. But let’s suppose for a moment that she and her scientist source are right and the supposed theory they presented last night about how chlorophyll works is wrong (let’s not forget that scientists are arguing about theories on every level even if there is sufficient scientific data available). What about all the rest of the good effects, the bigger claims that they haven’t even mentioned? What about all those vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are present in this juice and if prepared sufficiently they will be still in the juice when consuming? Does that mean squat? If they really wanted to contribute to society instead of creating this nonsense, they could’ve spent that money to carry out some lab tests to see what is actually in it, to prove to all those with unhealthy diets and serious deficiencies, how to balance their diet with something, that helped so many people already and how it works. Failing to do so they even state that one shot of wheatgrass is not one of your ‘Five a day’ and also claim that neither wheatgrass nor other foods can oxygenate your blood! OK, I’m no scientist, but I know that the centre of my haemoglobin that moves oxygen in my blood is iron. So if I have a lack of iron in my body, the level of haemoglobin, therefore the level of oxygen is going to drop in my blood. This is called anaemia isn’t it? Now, how do we solve this deficiency? – with consuming iron… In serious cases they give you iron pills, but what if I eat a lot food that contains iron? Are they trying to convince me, that this will not going to be utilized? How are we taking it into our bodies than at the first place? It is surely not being produced by us. So no food can oxygenate your blood? Really?! Think twice!! Right, what’s said cannot be changed, they carry on with kefir and how it affects your gut. Now, kefir is something that is widely spread and known in my homeland (Hungary) you can buy it in every food shop. It’s a basic food everybody knows. Of course it is to everybody’s taste whether or not they like it, but nobody would even think to deny that it has very good effect on your belly and the whole digestive system. So they introduced this lady last night in this show, who claims she could finally get rid of her pain and problems caused by her incurable Chronic Disease by using this product and now finally she can eat proper food without medication. Wow, I thought, at least they will be positive about this one. Than the presenter, Katie Quilton turns around and asks her, whether kefir helps with your gut health. The answer is that she cannot say as the European Union regulations are not allowing to do so…Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the world we live in. Someone, who believes she got cured by something other than medical treatment is not allowed to publicly state her opinion, as it is NOT ALLOWED BY AUTHORITIES. ‘But she has no scientific data’, they say! My grandma and the previous generations before her did also not have scientific data about a lot of things, such as which herbal tea to drink to sooth which problems, but it still worked for them and most people knew as they talked about it, they told each other. Anyways, back to the kefir; here she is, our hero presenter drinking the kefir for 3 weeks to prove a point. Eventually we find out, that although the artificial stomach in the lab lets 40% of the good bacteria found in kefir through to the bowels, there was no change in her body. Here is my question: if probiotics help to restore the health of your gut (again, information not approved by EU) and she is healthy than what change did she expect at the end of the trial? I was getting really agitated at this point with this program and when they started talking about fish and Omega3, I was almost sure that its positive effects will be proven wrong by these people too. Luckily they didn’t dare to go this far, there’s been too much research conducted to date in this area and it’s been accepted as fact. So well done Channel 4 for this rubbish, that makes people, who try to care for their bodies by eating healthy look stupid, people, who provide these products liars and all those, who are convinced that eating anything without selection is OK and food cannot help you to recover from illnesses to be convinced that they are right, ‘cos they said it on the telly anyway. The latter is the biggest group and the one I am most worried about. But whilst some are not even willing to start eating veg and stick to their crappy diets after being diagnosed with cancer as they are so misled, I am going to carry on reading ingredient labels notoriously and avoiding preservatives and sweeteners (especially aspartame YUK!), I am going to carry on eating my veg, no matter whether they are labelled as superfoods or not and I am going to carry on drinking my wheatgrass because I know it is good for me. Why? My dad had cancer – FACT! He had two sessions of unsuccessful radio therapies – FACT! He refused chemo and received no medical treatment after this. His tumour shrunk from 40mm to under 10mm within 8 months (not 1 week or 2 weeks!!) and completely disappeared not long after and the only thing he was taking as ‘medication’ was wheatgrass, so he believes that wheatgrass saved his life – FACT! Do I need scientific proof? NO. I can feel it on my own body, that I am stronger and more resistant to illnesses, if I stick to my wheatgrass (not from powder). So how do Kate Quilton and her team dare to say so bluntly, that wheatgrass has no effect on your body without even looking into it properly and examining case studies and call this ‘The Truth’?! How does she dare to take away the hope from all those ill people who are failed by modern medicine and tell them to forget about believing in the power of nature and the so called superfoods? How do they dare to indicate that all those people, who say wheatgrass or any other food is very good for you, are not telling the truth? Does my dad lie, when he says his cancer was cured with the help of wheatgrass than?! Are all those people, who report back to him about their triumph against cancer or other problems and thanking him for wheatgrass lie as well? Or we are all just simply loosers and it’s all just placebo? Let’s face it, this TV program is more poorly backed up with data than all the health claims you can find on the internet, as at least most of those are based on real people’s experience and how it affected their bodies and their lives for the better…


Vitamins in wheatgrass – Why do we need vitamins – Part 2 by Agi | Aug 29, 2015 :

This is the second part of our article about vitamins. Part 1 was to explain in how vitamins and minerals work in general. In this second part – without exhausting the topic fully – we will concentrate on the vitamins in wheatgrass / spelt grass juice and what these vitamins are proven to do in your body. So we are going to talk about Vitamin A , B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7(H), B12, B17, C, D, E and Vitamin K. Some minerals (Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Selenium and Zinc) to follow in a future blog.


Fat soluble Vitamins:

Vitamin A (carotene): Known to strengthen your immune system and have a positive effect on your eye sight, hair, skin and nails. In addition it helps cell growth and plays a crucial part in keeping your inner organs healthy. There are two forms of vitamin A: preformed vitamin A (animal sources including dairy) and provitamin A carotenoids (in plants). Our bodies convert the provitamins into vitamin A and only as much as we need, so we cannot overdose it as long as we don’t take any supplements, as these rules don’t apply to these products. So unless advised by doctors based on measured vitamin A deficiency, taking these supplements can cause more harm than good. I’d advise to eat more carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and drink your wheatgrass instead to stay on the safe side 😉 carrot Vitamin D (calciferol ) It plays an important role in bone development as it maintains the calcium levels in the blood and promotes its absorption. Also strengthens the immune system and prevents cell overgrowth in some types of cancer (prostate, breast and bowel problems) Very few foods naturally have vitamin D, fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel are among the best sources. The body makes vitamin D when skin is directly exposed to the sun, so make sure that you spend some time outdoors, but limit your time according to your skin’s sensitivity. If you can’t spend time out on the sun…one more reason to start liking wheatgrass :) Vitamin E (Tokotrienol) Antioxidant, strengthens the eyes and the immune system to fight off invading bacteria and viruses, protects against or treats existing heart disease. Also protects the cells from radicals and reduces the chances of cancer. Food sources are vegetable oils (like wheat germ, sunflower, and safflower oils), nuts and seeds and green vegetables including grasses like wheatgrass. Vitamin K This vitamin is important for blood clotting and healthy bones and also has other functions in the body. The main sources are green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, kale, broccoli, lettuce and wheatgrass of course. Also can be found in vegetable oils, nuts, eggs and green tea..

Water soluble vitamins:

Vitamin C – Ascorbic Acid Nobody argues the values of vitamin C. It is water soluble and has strong antioxidant effect and takes part in lots and lots of processes. Just to mention a few: strengthens the immune systemlemon is utilised by enzymes working in the liver and gall lowers cholesterol levels lowers blood pressure is needed to produce collagen, the protein of connective tissue, therefore is crucial in the maintenance of muscles, tendons, arteries, bines and skin helps to prevent cancer and heart disease So stuff a load of Vitamin C in every day, as you cannot overdose it but is extremely crucial for your health! Eat loads of peppers, tropical fruits, strawberries, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, tomatoes, drink lemonade made out of real lemon and don’t forget your wheatgrass either. Vitamin B complex: The group of all vitamin B is called Vitamin B complex. They are all taking part in the transformation of food to energy, but all types are needed in our body and none of them can replace the other. They are water soluble, which means they need to be replaced daily and cooking in water will result in a great loss of these vitamins. I advise to drink the cooking water or use it as a base for soups. B1 – Thiamin It supports the nervous system, heart and mental function and its most known sources are grains, legumes and nuts. B2 – Riboflavin It assures normal cell growth, helps the formation of red blood cells and also supports the nervous system and the utilisation of iron in the body. The best source is liver, but also can be found in eggs, dairy products, meat, fish and dark green vegetables. B3 – Niacin It plays a role in over 50 chemical processes in our body. B3 helps to keep low cholesterol levels and healthy appetite, supports mental health and the creation of sex hormones, treats diabetes and high blood sugar levels. Fish, red and white meat, liver and nuts can be your other options to increase your intake. B5 – Pantothrnic acid It is needed in the formation of blood cells, vitamin D and some hormones. Can be found in all foods. B6 – Pyridoxine It supports immune function, brain development and the formation of haemoglobin and is involved in more than 100 enzyme reactions, mainly involving protein metabolism. Unfortunately freezing can decrease the vitamin B6 content by up to 70%, but there is a lot of this amongst the vitamins in wheatgrass juice so you still get a fair dose after defrosting your shot. Top up with chickpeas, liver, fish, poultry or potato. B7 = Vitamin H – biotin Your body needs biotin to metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids, the building blocks of protein. It is very important for normal embryonic growth. Biotin is often recommended for strengthening hair and nails and it’s found in many cosmetic products for hair and skin. It is water soluble, however our body can also produce it. The main food sources are liver, egg, milk and dairy products. B12 – Cobalamin Takes part in red cell formation and the maintenance of the central nervous system. Most scientific and non-professional sources state that B12 cannot be found in plants, although some mention germinated seeds and algae as possible source. However it still appears on various wheatgrass products’ content list and other sources also claim the same. B17 – Laetrile or Amygdalin It is one of the most controversial components. Some claim it to be beneficial in the treatment of cancer; modern medicine of course does not approve. It is found in over 1200 edible plants including some berries, some beans, grasses (wheat and spelt grass as well), leaves, nuts, flax, bitter alonds, beansprouts, millet and certain fruit seeds. The idea of its benefits was originally published by Dr Ernst T Krebs (1911 –1996), researcher & biochemist who dedicated his work to this topic but was quickly dismissed and bad mouthed by the pharmaceutical industry. Dr Krebs argued (very convincingly), that cancer was a symptom of a deficiency of vitamin B17. I advise everyone to do their own internet research and draw their own conclusions… So have a healthy, balanced diet and drink your wheatgrass every morning to get all these very important vitamins!


Spelt vs. wheatgrass by Agi | Jul 23, 2015:

Do you know the diffrences in-between spelt and wheat? Did you know that most people with gluten sensitivity react to spelt flour a lot better? How comes this grain had been forgotten? I have written an article in this topic and published it earlier this year on Hub pages, you can read it by clicking on this link: HUB Article Spelt vs. Wheatgrass In it you can find a little historical review, a video presented by a team of reserchers and some nutritional information as well that were conducted by Hungarians and Slovakians in collaboration of a scientific university project supported by the EU (Project number: HUSK/0901/1.2.1/0010) where it was determined that spelt grass is a lot more nutritous compared to wheatgrass. So if wheatgrass is good for you spelt grass is even better :) Not to mention that is nicer (darker) green with more chlorophyll and a lot better taste. Spelt is actually a kind of wheat, but in the English language that is not so obvious as in some others. For starters my own first language, Hungarian, where wheat is búza, spelt is tönköly búza. The latin name shows similar comparison where these are Triticum aestivum and Triticum spelta. Another example is the German language, where the wheat – Weizen will be repeated in the word for spelt : Spelzweizen. So until for some the relationship in-between these two grains is pretty obvious without any extra knowledge about them purely thanks to their languages, English people might not see that so clearly for the first sight, if they haven’t heard about spelt yet. Let us find out more, how many know about spelt in the UK by filling out the 1 minute questionnaire at the end of the article (HUB Article Spelt vs. Wheatgrass)


Why do we need the vitamins? – Part 1 by Agi | Aug 3, 2015 | Nutrition:

The most important supplement that comes to every professional’s mind is multivitamin with high mineral and vitamin content. But do we know, why? How can vitamins help us to achieve our goals? Let’s get to know them! vitamin 2The vitamins are organic compounds that are fundamental to us. Apart from vitamin D and K our bodies are incapable to produce them so the only way to support ourselves with the sufficient amount of nutrition is trough eating. They are essential for metabolic processes and take part in the control of those biochemical processes where food is utilized and converted to energy. There are two big groups: water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins. The latter explains why we still have to keep fat even in a strict diet. :) Only a certain amount and a certain type of fat of course. However if the minerals are not present, the vitamins cannot work as the body is incapable to utilize them. The minerals are taking an important part of almost every step of the metabolism. Each of them supports many functions in order to maintain the smooth operation of the body. They make 4% of our bodies and are most importantly the component of the bones. Based on their present volume we call them micro-and macro-elements. The macro-elements are present in the body 0,005 per cent or over. Everything less than 0,005 per cent belongs to the micro-element group or the so called trace elements. The vitamins, minerals and proteins link to each other and build enzymes. The enzymes catalyse the coenzymes, which speed up the chemical processes. The vitamins, minerals and trace elements support many complex chemical reactions and are increasing each other’s effect. Missing even just only one them or just having less than required will result in the healthy life functions getting adversely affected. The initial slight problems can lead to serious deficiency disease. Sports, slimming diets, illnesses, negative effects such as stress or even colder weather can substantially increase our vitamin need. The first and most important task is to find the most suitable and ideal solution for ourselves to replace them. So as long as we do not satisfy the vitamin and mineral need of our bodies, the degradative and constructive metabolism will be unsatisfactory and we will not be able to reach our goals, whatever it may be. This is the smallest but most important building stone of everything but we are able to overlook it so easily in the jungle of the wide nutritional supplement availability. If you make a mistake here, everything can go belly up and you could end up scratching your head searching for the answer to what the problem could be. Do you need a better vitamin bomb? vitamin bf Read Part 2 Original article written by Angéla Borbély ( by Agi In Part 2 we will have a look at the role of different type of vitamins in our body.


FREE TASTING – COME ALONG! by Agi | Aug 29, 2015:

Have you heard of wheatgrass but never tried it before? Or you did but were not satisfied with what you got? Come along to our free tasting days and taste our sweet and tasty version of wheatgrass juice grown outdoors in Holland-on-Sea with organic spelt seeds: 5th September – Carpenter’s Farm Shop (Carpenters Farm, St Mary’s Road, Aingers Green, Great Bentley CO7 8NJ) website 6th September – Blackwell’s Farm Shop (Herons Farm, Colne Road, Coggeshall, Colchester, Essex, CO6 1TQ) website We also offer special promotions on these days so you can get the goods cheaper if you come next weekend :) Why is wheatgrass good for you? Read our blog: vitamin

Why do we need vitamins? – Part 1

Why do we need vitamins? – Part 2

Wheatgrass juice health benefits


Welcome to our new blog by Agi | Jun 30, 2015:

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